Ari Vatanen's 1977 Masport Escort 1:18 Diecast Pre-orders

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Ari Vatanen's 1977 Masport Escort 1:18 Diecast Pre-orders

Following on from the success of their 1979 Rally of New Zealand winning Masport Escort SunStar have now announced a 1:18 scale fully opening diecast of New Zealand's most famous Rally Car.

In 1977 New Zealand was a round of the World Rally Championship (a manufacturer only championship at that stage) with the Rally Of The South Pacific.

Fiat sent a Full works team of 3 x 131 Abarths. Ford's response was to send a single Works Mk2 Escort to be run by the NZ Masport Rally Team. The driver was a young Finn with a reputation as being one of the fastest in the world - when he could keep it on the road. His name was Ari Vatanen.

What followed went down in World Rallying History with Ari falling off the road on Stage 2 Paekakariki Hill Rd and losing 23 minutes. From there came one of the greatest comeback drives in history with Ari finishing second overall despite another excursion that cost 7 minutes and several rearrangements of the corners of the car on banks. 

Release is expected later this year. I would expect the car to be modeled as it crossed the start ramp rather than the finish ramp 

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