Sanwa M17 Radio System

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World Fastest Response!!
(NEW Record)
Light Weight!!
High Rigidity!!
Ultra Response Mode (SUR) New Transmitter system "FH5" makes new record of the World Fastest Response.
Color Display and Touch Panel are easy to control.
Light weight (about 510g) and high rigidity than M12S
Steering and Throttle Position Optimization and Steering Swing Adjust Function
Detachable Throttle Unit is available to change spring by drivers (World First)

Installed "Fine Color Display (480x320)
Touch Pad can be smooth & quick to set
Installed Detachable Throttle Unit is available to change spring by drivers
Steering and Throttle position can be optimized without off set bracket. Improved Steering Unit can be increased case strength during operation
Improved Steering Unit is available to be steering swing adjustment
Battery recharge port is installed and battery can be check when recharging
Compatible with Micro SDHC Card is available to manage firmware update, model data, and Telemetry Log
Installed Multi-Setting Function is available to set PGS servos to connect with transmitter
Compatible with SSL CODE10 and CODE5 function is available to set PGS servos and SUPER VORTEX Gen2 PRO without any connection
Installed tilt carrying handle can be holding and easy to put in the box
Steering Unit can change position for lefty
Detachable Strap Hook is placed on ideal position for drivers
Succeeded Full Adjustable Trigger can be fittable for individual
Optional Large Steering Wheel in package is available to be fine operation
Available to customize by grip pad, brake trigger, angle spacer, and variable spring in package
RX-491 is compacted receiver and waterproof and is plugged in BIND system and short antenna
Installed Screen Reader Function is available to sound Lap Time and Telemetry Data and installed headphone jack can be used
Quick and easy to set as model data and other setting by Quick Set Up Wizard