2011 Nissan Leaf Nismo RC Black

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This is the Nissan Leaf NISMO RC. You
can sum it up in four sentences: It is tiny. It is electric. It
corners like the blazes and is not street-legal. And you cannot
have it.

Disappointing, right? Not really. For
one thing, the"Apple-converted-space">Nissan Leaf RC"Apple-converted-space">is a prototype, which means
it’s far from perfect and not fit for public consumption. For
another, it’s not very fast. Sixty mph comes up in 6.8 seconds,
or roughly about as much time as it takes the average"Apple-converted-space">Porsche to reach the next time
zone. Top speed is a whopping 93 mph. You can hit that riding a
shopping cart downhill, or possibly while driving a 1980s Hyundai,
which is essentially the same thing.

Still, this thing is cool. Pundits
have mocked the RC for its lack of speed and single-minded focus
— Nissan wanted to create a Leaf-powered track car, logic and
reason aside, and it did just that — but there’s something neat
at the RC’s core. How can you not dig a car that looks like