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This is the 1:48 scale wooden model kit of the HMS Bounty from Latina.. The HMS Bounty is very well known to all from films and books. It's relatively simple: a merchant ship, rigged as a frigate, and equipped for exploration journeys, a common practice amongst all the navies during the 18th century.. FEATURES: Mutiple die cut sheets of wood, five different colors and thicknesses of rigging thread.

Also includes African Walnut, Ramin, Mahogany, and Plywood Brass nails, strips, eyebolts, cannons and other brass parts Sails are pre-cut and sewn, ready to be placed on model. INCLUDES: Written manual, color picture manual, sail diagram sheet and three sheets of blueprints. Artesania Latina wooden model ship kits are manufactured in Barcelona, Spain, they are known world wide to produce high quality historic scale model wooden ship kits.

Their kits contain every thing you need to build the kit except tools, glue and paint. High quality woods such as Walnut, Beech, Mahogany, Tanganyka, and more are used . All the ornamentation, fittings, and rigging line are standard items in every kit. Many parts are laser cut to save you time and effort.

A full set of plans and instructions are included in every kit, in addition many kits include a color pictorial to assist in assembly.

These exclusive wooden ship models are the best of their kind and might take up to 400 hours to finish them as they are made from exact plans and replicas of the real ships, using wood that is cut from wood planks and molded to perfection.

Models available for all types of modelers, recommended starting at 10 years old and up.


Length: 980mm (38-19/32").

Beam: 355mm (13-31/32").

Height: 763mm (30- 1/32").

Scale: 1:48= (1/4 = 1-FT).