Nine Eagles Solo Pro V3 Single Rotor RC

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Don't want a Co-Axial Heli? Try
this easy Solo Pro Fixed Pitch Helicopter

After playing a
Co-Axial Helicopter, you want something more serious? The Solo Pro is a very
good choice. It has a Fixed Pitch one piece main rotor, easy to install, hard to
break. The whole Heli body is very light weight, making it very durable in a
crash, the simple mechanism also makes it great for beginners. The Solo Pro
helicopter is truly a entry class 4-Channel helicopter. 4-Channel means the
helicopter can receive 4 signals from your transmitter, the names are

1. Elevator : Going Forward / Backward
2. Aileron : Sliding Left /
3. Rudder / Yaw : Changing Nose Heading
4. Throttle : Fly Higher /

These are the basic controls for all RC Helicopters, so playing
this Free Spirit Helicopter will get you to know which stick is for what
movement for Big RC Helicopters. I would recommend this model for all serious
beginners who wants a entry level of RC Helicopter.


• 3.7V 120mAh Lithium Polymer Lipo battery
Overall Length: 20cm
• Main Rotor Diameter: 19cm
• Total Weight: 28 grams
with battery included
• Flight time: 5 minutes (approx).
• Recharging
time: 30 minutes (approx)


• Easy to fly, damage resistant
• High
stability design for beginners and indoor flight
• Simple structural design
making it easy to repair
• Innovative servo design giving strong and precise
flight control
• Strong and durable micro electric motors
• 2.4Ghz radio
control with built in gyro, servos and electronic speed controller (ESC)
Full 4 channel proportional radio control system
• Transmitter has large LCD
display, can be used in Mode 1 or Mode 2 configuration.
• Easy to recharge
helicopter battery - can be charged with the transmitter or external

mains charger
• Available in red or 'glow-in-the-dark' yellow colour
• All spare parts available