VP 809 Blade Evo Ultra Flexx

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This is a set of two VP Pro Blade Evo 1/8 Buggy Tires, in Ultra Flexx (Ultra Soft) compound, pre-mounted on white dish wheels. The Blade is a triple tier small pin style tire that was designed to survive long main events. The 3 levels of pins provides maximum corner speed and great traction, especially on uneven surfaces. The small top pin provides traction on dusty & hard packed dirt, as well as soft loamy dirt, while the 2nd level pins provide traction and stability on hard packed dirt. The lower level pin provides stability and reduces pin flex allowing for maximum corner speed. The Blades have the best overall traction, corner speed, and tread life of all the VP-Pro tires and work best on blue grove tracks with high traction and high wear.

Tire compounds are an extremely important variable when deciding which tire to choose. A general rule of thumb is that a harder tire will provide longer tire life with less traction, while a softer tire will provide more traction with a shorter tire life. The track condition is another extremely important variable when deciding which tire to use. Here a general rule of thumb would be to use larger pin tires on tracks with more loam and smaller pin tires on tracks that are hard packed with less loam.

Ultra Flexx: The Ultra Flexx Compound is VP's ultra-soft compound which provides maximum traction on nearly all off-road surfaces, especially hard packed surfaces, dry or damp. Ultra Flexx Compound is the softest compound tire in VP's lineup and works great in bumpy conditions as the Ultra Flexx pins will not catch ruts under impact. VP team drivers use the Ultra Flexx compounds during qualifying runs for maximum performance.