Xray Premium Silicone Oil 2000

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XRAY Premium Silicone Oil is manufactured in Europe by a specialized silicone oil premium manufacturer, these new oils were exclusively created for XRAY. Each batch of premium oil is laboratory tested and calibrated to ensure the highest possible consistency and quality from batch to batch. Based on the industry-proven CST rating, the new line of oils will be easy to identify, adjust, and feel.

XRAY's smart innovation is clearly evident on the whole concept of the complete oil line. XRAY oils cover the complete range from Ultra Thin (100cSt)... Thin (1000 cSt)... Medium (5000cSt)... Thick (10.000cST)... up to Extra Thick (100.000cSt), with numerous stages in between. With thinner oils suitable for shocks (up to Medium), and thicker oils suitable for differentials, you will be able to find the correct viscosity you need for your application. Each category of oils is individually colour-coded to allow you to instantly recognize the type of viscosity, and the large easily-visible oil viscosity value is written on the front and side of each bottle. The other side of the square bottle features a smart XRAY oil-scale so you easily identify where the particular viscosity is on the scale. For racers storing oils in the box it has never been easier to find the correct oil; the top of each cap has a small dot with the printed viscosity value, so you can easily select the right one.

Not only has the whole philosophy and concept been well thought out with the racers' needs and requirements in mind, but even the oil bottle itself has been specifically designed for RC car racers as well. The square shape of the bottle makes it super easy to squeeze and prevents it from rolling off your workbench, and the slim nozzle makes filling easy and prevents excessive oil from being squeezed out. The cap tightens snuggly and its positive seal prevents leakage. The back of the bottle has a small viewport that allows you to see the oil level inside the bottle.

All-in-all, every small detail of XRAY's new oil line has been covered, making for another extraordinary XRAY product line; perfect down to the last detail.