Electrifly Ss8 Brushless 8 Amp Esc

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8A Brushless Electronic Speed Control (GPMM1800)

Great for small flat-foamies and built-up 3D airplanes

Delivers 8A of continuous current and 10A of surge current

Includes a powerful 1.5A BEC, which handles the receiver and 2 or 3 micro servos

Very simple to use, with on/off brake and Safe Start

Compatible with LiPo, NiCd and NiMH batteries for maximum versatility.

Ready to use, with leads and Deans® Ultra Plug® Connector, gold-plated bullet plugs for motor and universal radio connectors already attached.

No setup. Detects starting voltage at hookup — and sets the low-voltage cutoff automatically!

Superbly smooth, precise and responsive throughout the throttle range. Transition from instant full-power thrust to all-power off in the same heartbeat and enjoy longer flights and cooler operation in the long haul.

BECs deliver true rated current and the extra amps that digital servos — or extra-servo setups — require. (Except SS-45D & SS-60)

Brake/No Brake operation. Stop folding props cold — or let fixed props freewheel.

Protect pilot, plane and ESC with Safe Start programming, and automatic heat and current overload features.