Excel Magnavisor With 3 Lens

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This high quality tool includes the ability to use any one of four different self-contained magnifications. Each visor has a permanent fixed lens along with a unique fold-down lens and pivoting outside loop.

By modifying the different combinations you can activate magnifications of 1.8X, 2.3X, 3.7X and 4.8X. the Magna-Visor can be adjusted to a comfortable fit by using the proven hook-and-loop system on the head-band.

Excel Blades Deluxe Headband Magnavisor


Four different self-contained magnifications are possible using this head-mounted magnifier: 1.8x, 2.3x, 3.7x and 4.8x. 

 Perfect for hobbyists and designers alike, this powerful, highest quality magnifier headband 

 The magnify visor holds the lenses a few inches away from the face, so there is no need to remove eye glasses.

Ideal for performing close and detailed work involving small and very fine materials, such as jewelry-making or repair.

The fully adjustable head strap on this head magnifier visor utilizes a hook-and-loop system, offering a 100% hands-free solution for when you want to work on small objects, hobbys and crafts.


Available in Purple, Grey, and Black