Team Losi 4 Piece Race Wrench Set (US Si

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Gil Losi Jr. has never been one to follow convention. Whether it's designing a world-class sedan or a new tire tread pattern, Gil has always sought to take race technology to new heights. His latest creations are no exception.

Losi's new Race Wrenches aren't your everyday run-of-the-mill anodized hex wrenches. They are nothing short of precision instruments that rival the quality of anything you might find in a NASCAR or Formula 1 pit area.

Unlike most anodized wrench sets that simply color anodize the handles, Gil opted for a hard-anodizing process that is used on aircraft and full-scale racing machines. The result is a diamond-hard tool that will outlast practically everything else on the market. The replaceable bits are machined from tough drill blank steel and treated with titanium nitride coating that even the most ham-fisted users will find almost impossible to strip.

Race Wrenches are available in four metric and four standard sizes. Entire sets of either metric or standard sizes are available as well. To make locating the right size easy, each Race Wrench has a color-coded handle cap on which the wrench size is clearly printed. Available sizes include 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, .050", 1/16", 5/64", and 3/32".

While Race Wrenches epitomize the finest quality hex wrenches when it comes to function, their form is just as extraordinary. The handle is a lustrous dark bronze with a laser-etched Losi logo, and the bits are feature a rich golden titanium nitride finish. Grooves in the handle provide a firm comfortable grip, as well as prevent the wrenches from rolling off a flat surface. In fact, they're so nice, we wouldn't blame you one bit for not sharing.

With the dizzying array of wrench choices available right now, it's hard to tell one manufacturer from another. Losi, however, seems to have hit on the perfect blend of class and quality that puts their new wrenches head and shoulders above the rest. Pick up a set for your pit box anywhere Losi racing accessories are sold.