Xray Micro Graphite Chassis - Black

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High-quality CNC machined graphite chassis for M18 (black color), for use in high-competition racing and with high-performance motors.

Extensively long tested by Factory Team drivers around the world to provide the highest performance chassis.

The chassis has the perfect amount of flexibility to guarantee ultimate performance in any racing conditions; stiff enough for foam-tire racing yet flexible enough for rubber-tire racing. The chassis provides improved handling and precision steering for better corner entry and exit and stability on the straights and in corners. This chassis integrates traditional XRAY fine touches such as integrated rear composite bumper with two positions for rear shocks for comfortable dampening adjustment. Chassis accommodates 5- and 6-cell micro battery packs with easy exchange of the composite battery posts.
The large cutout under the motor not only cools the motor but enables it to be mounted as low as possible to guarantee the lowest possible CG, resulting in improved handling.

The chassis also has cutouts for easy access to adjust toe-in linkages. XRAY speed controllers can be easily mounted next to the motor using predrilled holes. We strongly recommend using the XMC300 speed controller with this chassis.