Xray T2 Composite C-Hub Right - 2 Degree

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Molded composite C-hub for right steering block of T2, T3. Caster pre-set at 2°. Medium rigidity for rubber-tire racing. Use with matching left-side C-hub #302362. Can be also used for foam tires. New C-hub has large openings for quicker & easier assembly/disassembly of CVDs. The entire CVD assembly can be easily inserted/removed through the C-hub without the need for disassembly, and the large openings prevent binding of the CVD in serious crashes. The C-hubs are available in all standard caster angles (2°, 4° and 6°) and are also available in two different rigidities that are optimized for particular racing conditions. The EU Edition includes medium rigidity (M) C-hubs specially optimized for rubber-tire racing, while the US Edition includes hard rigidity (H) C-hubs specially optimized for foam-tire racing.