Xray XB808 Composite Steering Block Left

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Left-side steering block for XB808, molded from a lightweight yet very strong and durable composite material.

The super-lightweight composite ‘zero kingpin’ steering block is a genuine innovation in design and functionality. Each block features an inset steel bushing that is molded into the steering block itself, ensuring a wobble-free and ultra-tight steering block assembly.

This enables the kingpin screws to be firmly held in the steel threaded bushing while the end of the screw is self-locked in composite to prevent the screws from loosening during racing. The molded-in steel bushings allow the steering block to turn freely ensuring precise steering reaction.

The new-concept steering block is taken from 1/10 electric off-road cars, providing zero kingpin steering — the steering block rotates in an absolute vertical position so that the angle does not change. The new steering block gives a better steering radius which greatly improves the handling and makes the car even easier to drive on all tracks and provides more steering into corners. The steering block features one optimized Ackermann position.

Use with #352252 right-side composite steering block.