ZAP Formula 560 Canopy Glue (59ml)

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Formula 560 is specially formulated to bond Canopies and Plastic parts to foam, wood, fiberglass, paint, or MonoKote surfaces. Safely bonds vinyl, ABS, Butyrate, and other plastics. Forms a firm, flexible clear bond that can withstand shock and vibration. 560 dries clear making it the perfect glue to use for attaching airplane canopies and vacuum formed ABS parts. The excellent shock resistant flexible bond means your airplane parts will stay put even when subject to high vibration and extreme speeds. 560 is also an excellent craft glue. Its ability it stick various materials together makes it great for craft work including wood, clay, plaster, foam, and fabrics. The nontoxic and water based formula means kids can safely use it for their special projects.

When using FORMULA 560 to attach a canopy or wind screen, trim the parts for as close a fit as possible. 560 will migrate under small cracks forming a complete seal and a very tight bond, the smaller the gaps the better the bond. Temperature and humidity will effect the drying times, but assume you need about 3 hours for it to bond, with a full strength cure taking up to 24 hours.